Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Using Color in your Home

I am surprised when I visit someone's home for the first time how often I see neutral colors only. People who are colorful in the way they dress and act, seem to be overly conservative in their home decor. Are they worried too much color will overwhelm the house? Are they thinking it's better to stay neutral with the paint and liven things up with pops of color in the decor?

I personally think that all of these tan and brown houses are kinda getting boring....


 If you are scared about color, try an accent wall. Have fun with prints in your rugs and furniture. At very least bring in a few colorful throw pillows PLEASE!

 I think this room is a good representation of bringing some life and color into a neutral space:

For more on my personal design preference, visit my House and Home Pinterest Board.

How do you use color in your home?

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